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Adventure guide

I don’t  provide typical tours.. I want to introduce you to Odessa   and do everything to make you feel local.   Culture, lifestyle, nightlife..just a start.. Odessa is a unique and beautiful city with a great history and a special character. This city has always been an international. So, no matter where are you from, with me you will become local..
8 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour to Odessa Catacombs

Hello my name is Yuriy, i was born in Odessa and have more then 10 years expirience in guiding. Tour to catacombs is one of my favorite. I would like to invite you expirience the underground Odessa, this is unique place for the whole world! Odessa catacombs suppose to be the longest net of underground tunnels in the worlв! Around 3.000 km. I promise not to guide you all the distance =) but will show you the most interesting parts which is very tightly connected with the history of Odessa and gives you more clear picture and understanding how Odessa developes in diffrenet times and how the Catacombs influenced on Architecture and Econimic of the city. You will also find out about role of the Catacombs in the history of Second Worls War.
2.5 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Airport transfer, ground transportation service

If you’ve just stepped off a plane or train, tired and aching from a long flight, there can be no better antidote to your ailments than a Davay poedem airport /railway transfer direct to your destination in Odessa region. Our professional drivers can track your flight and adjust for any delays outside of your control. They’re hand-picked and locally knowledgeable, so feel free to ask them for tips or advice on what to do during your stay.
2 days
Cultural & Theme Tours

Odessa sightseeing excursion

Sightseeing excursion by car or minivan though Odessa’s historic quarters. During this trip we will visit and see the most important and beautiful places of Odessa.
3 hours
Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours


Exploring the coast of the Odessa Black Sea - this good alternative to beaches in Odessa where there are a lot of people and to you will have to look for an empty seat to lay down on sand. On this boat many places for suntan are also convenient descents that to swimming in the sea. For, carrying out, banquet and holiday, on the vessel, intended very spacious salon filled with stylish furniture.
3 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Ecological river tour in nature park

During water excursions in Lower Dniester national park tourists can see pelicans, swans, big and small cormorants, storks, wading ducks, as well as thickets of rare plant: Nymphoides peltata and one of Europe's largest plantations of nuthar lutea, which are named by people 'yellow water lilies'. During blossom of white water lilies tourists are impressed by Bile Lake (White Lake). It's water surface looks like as if a continuous carpet of white flowers covered it. At the end of the tour group will enjoy a picninc at the Dniester river shore.
7 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Week-end in Odessa 3-days package tour

"Week-end in Odessa" travel package will make you acquainted with southern capital of Ukraine - Odessa city. During 3 days you will see the main attractions and interesting places of the largest city at the south of Ukraine and find out about local culture, cuisine and entertainment.
3 days
Cultural & Theme Tours

Cossack ethnic tour

Tour to the ethnic village house "Cossack's family", which is situated 40 km away from Odessa, in the village Marinivka. You will find there beautyful view of the Ukrainian nature, picturesque coast of Hagibey estuary and hospitable owner Iryna. She will meet you with national Ukrainian tradition: glass of horylka (vodka) and salo (lard) sandwiches. Here you will immerse yourself in cossack's culture and traditions, ethnic clothes and interesting master-classes.
6 hours