Top things to do in Ocean View & Around

Top Choice Viewpoint in Ocean View & Around

Paliʻokulani Overlook

Be sure to get your bearings at the Hwy 11 viewpoint perched on a 1907 lava flow. Commanding views take in Paliʻokulani, the ragged cliff edge jutting out in front of South Point which protects eastern Kaʻu from Mau…
Top Choice American in Ocean View & Around

Mehe's Kaʻu Bar & Grill

In an area with few options, Mehe's is a surprisingly good one. Friendly staff serve burgers, sandwiches and a rotating selection of daily specials to local characters and visitors alike while the horseshoe bar buzz…
Area in Ocean View & Around

Road to the Sea

This high-clearance 4WD road crosses enough ʻaʻa (rough, jagged lava) to shake your fillings loose. However, once only for adventurers, these remote black-and-green-sand beaches with looming cliffs and cinder cones …
Pizza in Ocean View & Around

DJ's Pizza and Bakeshop

The pizza is only above-average, however, the gluten-free crust and vegan meatball sandwich are a welcome find in the area. Come here to satisfy your sweet treat cravings. Custom-baked pies and cakes with advance no…
Park in Ocean View & Around

Manuka State Wayside & Natural Area Reserve

This 13-acre reserve offers a pleasant 2-mile nature trail through transitional forest to a volcanic crater. Following the uneven lava rock path, and assisted by an interpretive trail guide, you'll identify 30 speci…
Thai in Ocean View & Around

Ka-Lae Garden

The dishes served in this tiny restaurant are made-to-order with fresh ingredients, some of which are grown in the organic herb garden behind the building. Skip the pad Thai and tuck into a steaming bowl of Panang c…
Supermarket in Ocean View & Around

Ocean View Market

By the post office and an auto-parts store, this community grocery store sells hot food and sandwiches and a decent variety of goods and fresh produce, especially considering how far out this spot is located.
Pizza in Ocean View & Around

Ocean View Pizzaria

The pizza is just OK, but they do make filling sandwiches (we're partial to the French Dip), but the lack of ambiance makes this a place where you eat, or get takeout, but not linger.
Supermarket in Ocean View & Around

Malama Market

Standard groceries and basic supplies.