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Paliʻokulani Overlook

Be sure to get your bearings at the Hwy 11 viewpoint perched on a 1907 lava flow. Commanding views take in Paliʻokulani, the ragged cliff edge jutting out in front of South Point which protects eastern Kaʻu from Mau…
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Road to the Sea

This high-clearance 4WD road crosses enough ʻaʻa (rough, jagged lava) to shake your fillings loose. However, once only for adventurers, these remote black-and-green-sand beaches with looming cliffs and cinder cones …
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Manuka State Wayside & Natural Area Reserve

This 13-acre reserve offers a pleasant 2-mile nature trail through transitional forest to a volcanic crater. Following the uneven lava rock path, and assisted by an interpretive trail guide, you'll identify 30 speci…