One of Sedona's most popular and most crowded destinations, this state park 7 miles north of town features an 80ft sandstone chute that whisks swimmers through Oak Creek. Short trails ramble past old cabins, farming equipment and an apple orchard, but the park's biggest draw is the set of wonderful natural rock slides.

You can slide along from shallow plateau to shallow plateau on the park's half-mile stretch of creek, or simply splash in the cool, clear waters.

Bring a blanket and a cooler, or buy drinks and snacks at the small park store. In the summer, queues can soar upward of an hour during the peak hours of 10am to 3pm; once the parking lot is full one vehicle can enter only after another leaves, and walk-ins are not allowed. There are no lifeguards, and pets must be kept on a leash and not near the water. The information phone line is updated with the current water quality each day at 9am.