Top Choice Food & Drinks in Kailua

Madre Chocolate

Aficionados will be wowed by these award-winning Hawaiian-made boutique chocolates infused with island flavors – coconut and caramelized ginger, passion fruit, kiawe-smoked sea salt. Based in Kailua.
Food in Kailua

Manoa Chocolate

Expensive, but utterly delicious handmade chocolate gets processed from cacao bean to foil-wrapped bar inside this workshop. Sample the goat's milk, Hawaiian sea salt, pineapple or chili-pepper flavors. These tasty …
Food in Honolulu

Wholesale Unlimited

This place will knock your socks off if you are into crack seed, dried fruit, dried veggies, Japanese sembei (rice crackers), dried seafood, cookies, jerky, taro chips, sauces, seasonings, nuts, jams, jellies, candi…
Food in Honolulu

Honolulu Cookie Company

In the Makai Market Food Court on the 1st floor of the Ala Moana Shopping Center, this place can cater to all your cookie needs, be they immediate cravings or beautifully packaged souvenirs to take home. Everything …
Food in Honolulu

Madre Chocolate

The Honolulu outpost of this Kailua chocolate company is serving up a storm in Chinatown, claiming to make the best bean-to-bar chocolate in the state. A must for chocolate-lovers but it don't come cheap! Extremely …
Food in Haleʻiwa

North Shore Goodies

This family owned and operated business claims to be creator of the original coconut peanut butter. It was first introduced at a local farmer's market and things took off from there. It now makes over 50 products. T…
Food & Drinks in Waialua

Island X Hawaii

In the rambling warehouse building at the far end of the parking lot of the old Waialua Sugar Mill, Island X has all sorts of good stuff to interest visitors. Try locally made Waialua coffee, plus there is local cho…