Top Choice Forest in Princeton

Institute Woods

Walk 1½ miles down Mercer St to a bucolic slice of countryside seemingly completely removed from the jammed-up campus-area thoroughfares. Nearly 600 acres have been set aside here, and birders, joggers and dog-walke…
Top Choice Museum in Princeton

Princeton University Art Museum

This wide-ranging collection is particularly strong on antiquities, Asian art and photography.
Museum in Newark

Newark Museum

This brick-and-limestone mansion, a legacy of the Ballantine beer family, is now part of an impressive museum with the biggest Tibetan art collection in the western hemisphere. In fact, the 14th Dalai Lama consecrat…
Park in Northern New Jersey

Liberty State Park

This attractive park hosts outdoor concerts with the Manhattan skyline as a backdrop. It also has a great bike trail, and the historic railroad terminal where immigrants embarked after being processed at Ellis Islan…
Museum in Hoboken

Hoboken Historical Museum

This small museum conveys a sense of Hoboken that's hard to imagine today – a city of blue-collar Irish and Italian Catholic immigrants, toiling in the shipyards and docks. It also offers self-guided walking tours o…
University in Princeton

Princeton University

Built in the mid-1700s, this institution soon became one of the largest structures in the early colonies. Now it's in the top-tier Ivy League. You can stroll around on your own, or take a student-led tour.
Museum in Northern New Jersey

Liberty Science Center

Expansive and modern science museum in Liberty State Park, including a planetarium.
State Park in Lambertville

Washington Crossing State Park

Ten days before the battle at Princeton on Christmas night 1776, George Washington led his army across the ice-packed Delaware River from the Pennsylvania side to the New Jersey side in a raging snowstorm. He took t…
Museum in Princeton

Morven Museum & Garden

Stop by for fine displays of decorative arts and fully furnished period rooms; other galleries change their exhibitions periodically. The gardens, and the house itself – a perfectly coiffed colonial revival mansion …
Museum in Northern New Jersey

New Jersey State Police Museum

Where else can you gawk at confiscated sawed-off shotguns, Colt .45s, or the electric chair that killed Bruno Hauptmann? Yes, the guy who kidnapped Lindbergh's baby – or did he? A fantastic exhibit guides you throug…