Sports in Spokane

Bloomsday Run

It is said that Spokane breeds two sorts of citizens: those who run Bloomsday and those who watch. Born out of the 1970s running craze, the annual 12km May dash, the Bloomsday Run, regularly garners 40,000 to 50,000…
Sports in Spokane


An enormous outdoor basketball tournament held at Riverfront Park and in the downtown streets in late June.
Cultural in Okanogan River Valley

Omak Stampede

Omak is famous for its August Omak Stampede, a well-known local spectacle that includes the notorious 'Suicide Race', a 210ft plunge down a 60-degree slope on horseback followed by the fording of the 50yd-wide Okano…
Light Show in Grand Coulee Dam Area

Laser Show

The free laser show – purportedly the world's largest – illustrates the history of the Columbia River and its various dams against a gloriously vivid backdrop. It's best seen from the visitor-center parking lot and …