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Museum in North Shore Suburbs

American Toby Jug Museum

In case you're wondering, a Toby jug is a ceramic pitcher shaped like a chubby old guy wearing a tri-cornered hat and 18th-century garb. Or at least that's how they looked originally. Over the centuries the jugs too…
Religious Site in North Shore Suburbs

Baha'i House of Worship

The striking white temple, surrounded by public gardens, was completed in 1953 and is one of eight Baha'i temples worldwide. Guests are free to explore the peaceful grounds inside and out. The visitor center explain…
Museum in North Shore Suburbs

Illinois Holocaust Museum

This is the third-largest holocaust museum in the world, after those in Jerusalem and Washington, DC. Besides its haunting, Nazi-era rail car and its videos of survivors' stories from WWII, the venue contains though…
Gardens in North Shore Suburbs

Chicago Botanic Garden

The garden has hiking trails, 255 bird species and weekend cooking demonstrations by well-known chefs.
Museum in North Shore Suburbs

Block Museum of Art

A glassy departure from the standard campus architectural vernacular, Northwestern University's art museum hosts diverse, sometimes provocative exhibitions by artists such as Julie Green and Paul Chan. The compact s…