Top Choice Film Location in Fargo

Fargo Woodchipper

Fargo's embrace of its namesake film is on full display at the town's visitor center, which houses the actual woodchipper used for the scene where Gaear feeds the last of Carl's body into its maw and is discovered b…
Top Choice Museum in Bismarck

North Dakota Heritage Center

Behind the Sacagawea statue, the North Dakota Heritage Center has details on everything from Norwegian bachelor farmers to the scores of nuclear bombs perched on missiles in silos across the state. Four new gallerie…
Museum in Fargo

Plains Art Museum

This ambitious museum features sophisticated programming in a renovated warehouse. The permanent collection includes contemporary work by Native American artists.
Historic Building in Bismarck

State Capitol

The stark 1930s State Capitol is often referred to as the 'skyscraper of the prairie,' and looks something like a Stalinist school of dentistry from the outside, but has some art-deco flourishes inside. There's an o…
Historic Site in Bismarck

Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

The highlight at this park on the west bank of the Missouri is On-a-Slant Indian Village, which has five re-created Mandan earth lodges. The fort, with several replica buildings, was Custer's last stop before the Ba…
Museum in North Dakota

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

At this impressive center you can learn about the duo's epic expedition and the Native Americans who helped them. Check out the beautiful drawings from George Catlin's portfolio.The same ticket gets you into Fort M…
National Park in North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

A tortured region known as the 'badlands' whose colors seem to change with the moods of nature, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the state's natural highlight. Bizarre rock formations, streaked with a rainbow of …
Museum in Rugby

Prairie Village Museum

This museum re-creates Great Plains life through the decades.
Historic Site in North Dakota

Fort Buford

Twenty-two miles southwest of Williston, Fort Buford is the bleak army outpost where Sitting Bull surrendered. The adjacent Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center includes the fort's visitor center.
Historic Site in North Dakota

Fort Union Trading Post

On the Montana–North Dakota border, the evocative Fort Union Trading Post is a reconstruction of the American Fur Company post built in 1828.