Top things to do in Nisqually Entrance

Top Choice Area in Nisqually Entrance


Home to numerous trailheads and the starting point for most summit hikes, Paradise also holds the iconic Paradise Inn (built in 1916) and the massive, informative Henry M Jackson Visitor Center, where a cutting-edge…
Top Choice American in Nisqually Entrance

Copper Creek Inn

Forget the historic inns. This is one of the state's great rural restaurants, and breakfast is an absolute must if you're heading off for a lengthy hike inside the park. Situated just outside the Nisqually entrance,…
Historic Building in Nisqually Entrance

Longmire Information Center & Museum

The tiny, free Longmire Museum describes the history of Longmire, originally the park's headquarters. James Longmire first came here in 1883 and noticed the hot mineral springs that bubbled up in a lovely meadow opp…
American in Nisqually Entrance

National Park Inn

Hearty hiking fare is served at this homely inn-restaurant and – in the absence of competition – it's surprisingly good. Try the cedar-plank trout or the braised elk pie, and don't miss the huge blackberry cobbler w…
Cafe in Nisqually Entrance

Whittaker's Café & Espresso

If you've ever pondered huckleberry ice cream for breakfast (why not?), this is the place for it. The cute little cafe attached to a bunkhouse also serves good coffee, breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches.
American in Nisqually Entrance

Paradise Inn

The huge stone fireplace is the highlight of this dining room and it easily overshadows the food. Apart from a good hearty Sunday brunch, the seared local salmon and the crab mac and cheese are the most enticing opt…