Newport attractions

Top Choice Aquarium in Newport

Oregon Coast Aquarium

The region's top attraction, this cutting-edge aquarium is especially fun if you have kids along. Marine celebrities include seals, sea otters and a giant octopus (or two), and there's an impressive deep-sea exhibit…
Park in Newport

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Stretching a mile out to sea is the popular Yaquina Head, a grassy headland just north of Newport. Short trails lead to viewing areas for shorebirds, harbor seals and whales, and the tide pools are the best managed …
Museum in Newport

Hatfield Marine Science Center

This excellent science center has great exhibits, especially on wave energy and the local fishing industry. There's a touch tank and you can see the octopus being fed. Outside, a section of the Misawa dock from Japa…
Park in Newport

Yaquina Bay State Park

Situated on a bushy bluff above the north entrance of the bay, this park is popular for beach access and views over Yaquina Bay. Visit the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse – not to be confused with the Yaquina Head Lighthouse…
Museum in Newport

Pacific Maritime & Heritage Center

This modern museum, on the bayfront, educates the public on the Central Oregon Coast's maritime history and fishing industry, displaying such artifacts as a hand-hewn Siletz canoe and a couple of ship steering wheel…
Museum in Newport

Burrows House Museum

This museum displays an impressive collection of Siletz artifacts, a rectangular grand piano and a hand-carved 'Dining Room' sign for the first resort hotel on the Oregon coast, among other things.