Internet Access

Most public parks in the city now offer free wi-fi. Some prominent ones include the High Line, Bryant Park, Battery Park, Central Park, City Hall Park, Madison Square Park, Tompkins Square Park and Union Square Park (Brooklyn and Queens are also well covered). For other locations, check out

Even underground subway stations now offer free wi-fi, offering a way to pass time or get work done while waiting for signal problems or other delays to be resolved. LinkNYC (, rolled out in 2016 to replace anachronistic pay phones (once iconic symbols of the city and where Superman changed into his suit), has installed free internet-connected kiosks, replete with charging stations and wi-fi access. The network aims to install some 7500 of these structures throughout the five boroughs.

It’s rare to find accommodations in New York City that don’t offer wi-fi, though it isn’t always free. Most cafes offer wi-fi for customers, as do the ubiquitous Starbucks around town.