If you want to spend the day here window-shopping and cafe-hopping, first check out the stretch of Atlantic Ave from around Bond St west to Court St. You can then amble south down Court, taking a left and heading one block over to Smith St to walk back north when you feel like it. Or you could take Court almost all the way down to the Brooklyn–Queens Expwy, stopping for a bite or to browse as you like, and then zig-zag northwest through the serene red-brick streets of deep Carroll Gardens (at night they'll be almost eerily empty, with local families snug in their homes). When you get to Union St, turn left to walk west over the expressway, down to the Columbia St Waterfront District, where you can finish your evening with some live bluegrass or folk music at Jalopy. If you're feeling really intrepid, keep walking from Carroll Gardens down into Red Hook, where there's free kayaking on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Grab some fresh lobster and a cold beer; if you're staying in Manhattan, you can take a ferry back.