Bar in East Village & Lower East Side

Ten Bells

This charmingly tucked-away tapas bar has a grotto-like design, with flickering candles, dark tin ceilings, brick walls and a U-shaped bar that's an ideal setting for a conversation with a new friend.
Club in East Village & Lower East Side


Like a secret bunker hidden beneath the ever-gentrifying streets of the East Village, Berlin is a throwback to the neighborhood's more riotous days of wildness and dancing. Once you find the unmarked entrance, head …
Bar in East Village & Lower East Side


Whitewashed walls, weathered floorboards and salvaged lamps give this urban outpost a Mississippi flair, which goes well with the live music (bluegrass, jazz, folk) featured Monday to Wednesday nights. The drinks, t…
Bar in East Village & Lower East Side

Angel's Share

Show up early and snag a seat at this hidden gem, behind a Japanese restaurant on the same floor. It's quiet and elegant, with seriously talented mixologists serving up creative cocktails, plus a top-flight collecti…
Bar in East Village & Lower East Side

Rue B

There's live jazz (and the odd rockabilly group) every night from 9pm to midnight at this tiny, amber-lit drinking den on a bar-dappled stretch of Ave B. A young, celebratory crowd packs the small space – so mind th…
Bar in East Village & Lower East Side

Bar Goto

Maverick mixologist Kenta Goto has cocktail connoisseurs spellbound at his eponymous hot spot. Expect meticulous, elegant drinks that revel in Koto's Japanese heritage (the sake-spiked Sakura Martini is utterly smas…
Cocktail Bar in East Village & Lower East Side

Sel Rrose

You’re likely to see quite a few people on dates at this elegant downtown spot, which serves up clever cocktails and a wide selection of oysters. But don’t let the romantic vibe deter you: it also happens to be righ…
Bar in East Village & Lower East Side

Jimmy's No 43

Barrels and stag antlers line the walls up to the ceiling of this cozy basement beer hall as locals chug their drinks. Select from more than 50 imported favorites (a dozen on draft) to go with a round of delectable,…
Bar in East Village & Lower East Side


Wholly unpretentious, these twin boxcar-sized bars could easily become your neighborhood local if you decide to stick around town. The staff are knowledgeable and kind, mingling with faithful regulars while dishing …
Bar in East Village & Lower East Side

ABC Beer Co

At first glance, ABC looks like a dimly lit beer shop (indeed bottles are available for purchase); but venture deeper inside and you'll find a small indie-rock–playing gastropub in back, with a long communal table, …