New River & the Greenbrier Valley drinking and nightlife

Distillery in Lewisburg

Smooth Ambler Spirits Distillery

Stop by the tasting room to sample handcrafted West Virginia whiskeys and other spirits, including gin, vodka and bourbon. The production area is visible from the tasting room, and you can learn more about the whisk…
Bar in Fayetteville

Charlie's Pub

A rafting guide named Sketchy recommended this place, which is tucked beneath a bakery building a short drive from downtown. We'd say it's half hipsters and half old salts, and the latter might get chatty. Two pool …
Coffee in Lewisburg

Wild Bean

Indie coffee shop with big windows and lots of space for laptops and lounging. Serves breakfast burritos ($5) in the morning and wraps and sandwiches ($9–10) at lunch.