Food in French Quarter

Leah’s Pralines

This old candy shop specializes in that special Creole confection, the praline. If you’ve already tried pralines elsewhere and decided that you don’t care for them, we suggest you try some at Leah’s before making up…
Food in French Quarter

Tabasco® Country Store

Bet you thought Tabasco was either red or green and always hot, right? Guess again: here you'll find Tabasco ketchup, mayonnaise, cookbooks, plenty of souvenirs and a fairly incredible range of hot (and not-so-hot) …
Food in French Quarter

Southern Candy Makers

Sweet-smelling confections with a Southern accent are created in this neat little shop. A visit is guaranteed to put a big ol’ Dolly Parton smile on your face: the toffee is divine and the pralines are to die for. T…
Food & Drinks in CBD & Warehouse District

Keife and Co

This chic little gastronomic boutique is packed with fancy charcuterie, teas, caviar, condiments, wines, spirits and all the other ingredients of a fairly expensive, if extremely, enjoyable picnic.
Food in French Quarter

Central Grocery

A hyper-busy store offering many of the cooking ingredients typically found in Louisiana kitchens: Zatarain’s Creole Seasoning and Crab Boil, McIlhenny Tabasco and Crystal Hot Sauce, chicory coffee and filé for maki…