Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Mid-City & the Tremé

F&F Botanica Spiritual Supply

Hesitant to enter a 'voodoo store'? Don't worry, staff couldn't be more helpful at this jam-packed shop that's lined with colorful candles. Forget all the fake voodoo shops in the French Quarter; this is a genuine P…
Top Choice Music in French Quarter

Louisiana Music Factory

Here’s your first stop if you’re looking for music. The selection of new and used CDs delves deep into New Orleans and Louisiana musical culture, with recordings from the 1900s to this week. The listening stations a…
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Garden, Lower Garden & Central City

Aidan Gill for Men

Shave and a haircut…40 bits. Or $40. Apiece. But who’s counting at this suave barbershop, where smartly dressed mobsters of the Prohibition era would surely have felt comfortable? It’s all about looking neat and sty…
Top Choice Cosmetics in French Quarter

Fifi Mahony's

New Orleans is the most costume-crazy city in the USA, and Fifi Mahony's is the place to go to don a wig. There's a stunning selection of hairpieces here that runs the gamut from the glittered to the beehived, prese…
Books in Uptown & Riverbend

Maple Street Book Shop

This beloved Uptown shop celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014. Founded by sisters Mary Kellogg and Rhoda Norman, it is one of the most politically progressive, well-stocked bookshops in the city. The store sells …
Books in French Quarter

Faulkner House Books

The erudite owner of this former residence of author William Faulkner sells rare first editions and new titles in an airy, elegant, charming independent bookshop.
Antiques in French Quarter

James H Cohen & Sons

From the sidewalk, you might be inclined to pass this one by: it's full of guns, including flintlocks, colts, Winchester '73s and even a French musket or two. Beyond weaponry, however, the place is like a museum, st…
Antiques in Garden, Lower Garden & Central City

Magazine Antique Mall

Scary baby dolls. Hats. Chandeliers. Coca Cola memorabilia. Inside this overstuffed emporium, rummagers are likely to score items of interest in the dozen or so stalls, where independent dealers peddle an intriguing…
Art in Uptown & Riverbend

Berta’s & Mina’s Antiquities

This painting-cluttered gallery specializes in regional folk art, especially the works of the late Nilo Lanzas, whose daughter operates the shop. Lanzas began painting at 63 and produced an impressive body of work, …
Homewares in Uptown & Riverbend


If you accidentally knock over a display of poinsettas after the Christmas holidays, and it starts falling…actor Bryan Batt of Mad Men fame (he played art director Salvatore Romano) might just swoop in and save it b…