Faubourg Marigny & Bywater shopping

Top Choice Music in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

Louisiana Music Factory

Here’s your first stop if you’re looking for music. The selection of new and used CDs delves deep into the musical culture of New Orleans and Louisiana, with recordings from the 1900s to the present. The listening s…
Antiques in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

Bywater Bargain Center

This emporium is a treasure trove of, well, treasures, if you follow the old adage that one person’s junk is another’s…well, you know. There are found objects, old door frames, handmade crafts, plaster alligators pl…
Arts & Crafts in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

I.J. Reilly's

How deeply New Orleans is this store? It's named for Ignatious Reilly, protagonist of A Confederacy of Dunces, and located in the Kowalski house from A Streetcar Named Desire. Inside, the shop sells all manner of Ne…
Music in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

Euclid Records

New Orleans is the kind of town that deserves really cool record shops, and Euclid is happy to oblige. It’s got all the ingredients: racks of rare vinyl, old concert posters, knowledgeable staff and a board listing …
Art in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

Dr Bob’s Studio

Self-taught outdoor artist Dr Bob is a fixture in Bywater, and you’re sure to recognize his signature work – the ‘Be Nice or Leave’ signs that appear in restaurants and bars around town. Garbage-can lids, bottle cap…
Art in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

5 Press Gallery

The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts is a fine regional arts-magnet school, and this gallery exhibits work by faculty, alumni students and visiting artists. It also hosts receptions from 6pm to 9pm on the second…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

Crescent City Conjure

A magic store that's a cut above the average French Quarter spell shop, Crescent City Conjure is a place for believers, where the staff will let you know if they think the candle you're purchasing could inflict bad …
Art in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

New Orleans Art Supply

If you like to sketch while traveling, here’s a good place to go for a fresh supply of pencils, paint and pads. The selection is very high quality. There's an attached pet shop (the Bark Market!), too, if you're tra…
Market in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

Piety Street Market

The monthly arts market held here gathers some of the most creative individuals in Bywater and Marigny. There's usually street food on sale and activities for the kids. Check the Facebook page for updates on market …
Books in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

Faubourg Marigny Book Store

The South’s oldest gay bookstore is a ramshackle, intellectual spot, and a good place to pick up local ’zines and catch up on the New Orleans scene, gay or otherwise.