Pho Cam Ly

Vietnamese in Uptown & Riverbend

After much exhaustive research, this is our go-to bowl of pho in New Orleans (short of driving to New Orleans East). The Pho Cam Ly broth is rich and exciting and textured and makes you go all kinds of 'mmm'. There are plenty of excellent vermicelli bowls and rice dishes if you're not in a soup mood.

You know how they have those 'eat half a cow' challenges at Texas steakhouses? Well, Pho Cam Ly has a Vietnamese equivalent: you've got one hour to eat a mega bowl containing two pounds of noodles and two pounds of meat. If you win, you get a T-shirt, your picture on the wall of fame, and the pho is free (if you lose, the bowl costs you $50 – fair warning!). God bless America.