Top Choice Deli in Garden, Lower Garden & Central City

Stein’s Deli

You may get a no-nonsense 'what?' when you step up to the counter, but it's just part of the schtick at this scruffy deli. For quality sandwiches, cheese and cold cuts, this is as good as the city gets. Owner Dan St…
Deli in CBD & Warehouse District

St James Cheese Company

When it comes to grabbing a sandwich downtown, we're always torn between this spot and Cochon Butcher. St James does possess an advantage on the actual cheese front – this is partly a cheese shop – and you'd be remi…
Cafe in Uptown & Riverbend

Bearcat Cafe

It's hard to find fault with a place that offers 'Good Cat' (healthy) and 'Bad Cat' (not for the dieters) options on its menu, but even better are the sustainably sourced coffees, house-made syrups and abundant vega…
Cafe in Uptown & Riverbend

High Hat Cafe

At this bustling neighborhood spot, simple bayou and delta dishes – fried catfish, BBQ shrimp and slow-roasted pork – are served with a hint of style. Look for pimento cheese grits as a side.
Deli in Uptown & Riverbend

St James Cheese Co

Founded by an Englishman obsessed with all the right things (namely, meat and fermented milk products), St James is the city's best cheese shop, with a veritable atlas of cheese. From the grilled Gruyère to the Fren…
Cafe in French Quarter

Café Beignet

In a shaded patio setting with a view of Royal St, this intimate cafe serves omelets, Belgian waffles, quiches and beignets. There’s a low-level war among foodies over who does the better beignet – this place or ico…
Cafe in Tremé-Lafitte

Pagoda Cafe

In a land of dimly lit dive bars and heavy Creole buffets, Pagoda Cafe is a sprightly diversion. This compact place serves healthy fare with a global spin. In the morning, try bacon-and-egg tacos, toast with Nutella…
Cafe in French Quarter

Café Beignet

Serves omelets, Belgian waffles, quiche and beignets. There’s a low-level war among foodies over who does the better beignet – this place or Café du Monde – with the general consensus being that this spot uses less …
Cafe in Uptown & Riverbend


Hip Refuel packs 'em in tight on Sunday mornings, but still manages to look cute and breezy. It adds some chic to the local coffee scene, but it’s hardly pretentious; service is some of the friendliest in town. Fres…
Cafe in French Quarter

Café du Monde

Café du Monde is the most popular destination in New Orleans and, unfortunately, it often feels that way. But once you do get seated, the beignets (square, sugar-coated fritters) and chicory café au lait, served her…