Top Choice Sandwiches in Mid-City, Bayou St John & City Park

Parkway Tavern

Who makes the best po’boy in New Orleans? Honestly, who can say? But tell a local you think the top sandwich comes from Parkway and you will get, at the least, a nod of respect. The roast beef in particular – a craf…
Top Choice Diner in Mid-City, Bayou St John & City Park

Liuzza’s By The Track

Mmmm, that gumbo. This quintessential Mid-City neighborhood joint does some of the best in town. The barbecue shrimp po’boy is to die for and the deep-fried garlic oysters are legendary. The atmosphere is unforgetta…
Top Choice Deli in Garden, Lower Garden & Central City

Stein’s Deli

You may get a no-nonsense 'what?' when you step up to the counter, but it's just part of the schtick at this scruffy deli. For quality sandwiches, cheese and cold cuts, this is as good as the city gets. Owner Dan St…
Sandwiches in Garden, Lower Garden & Central City


Parasol’s isn’t just in the Irish Channel neighborhood; it sort of is the Irish Channel, serving as community center, nexus of gossip and watering hole. It's first and foremost a bar, but you can order some of the b…
Burgers in Uptown & Riverbend


Cowbell has a scruffy charm – scuffed wooden floors, Elvis on the ceiling, a bottle-cap mosaic on one of its bars – that makes you want to stay awhile. The juicy grass-fed beef burgers are a must for most, but non-b…
Deli in CBD & Warehouse District

St James Cheese Company

When it comes to grabbing a sandwich downtown, we're always torn between this spot and Cochon Butcher. St James does possess an advantage on the actual cheese front – this is partly a cheese shop – and you'd be remi…
Sandwiches in CBD & Warehouse District

Cochon Butcher

Tucked behind the slightly more formal Cochon, this sandwich and meat shop calls itself a ‘swine bar and deli.’ We call it one of our favorite sandwich shops in the city, if not the South. From the convivial lunch c…
Cafe in Uptown & Riverbend

Bearcat Cafe

It's hard to find fault with a place that offers 'Good Cat' (healthy) and 'Bad Cat' (not for the dieters) options on its menu, but even better are the sustainably sourced coffees, house-made syrups and abundant vega…
Market in Garden, Lower Garden & Central City

Dryades Public Market

This enormous market is stocked with fresh groceries representing a good range of local vendors, and there are several hot-food bars – the menu varies, but it's invariably good (and good value). On some days we've h…
Sandwiches in Faubourg Marigny & Bywater

Rampart Food Store

This convenience store is run by Vietnamese immigrants who know how to make some of the best, most overstuffed shrimp po’boys in New Orleans. Pass on everything else, and be prepared for long lines.