Cocktail Bar in French Quarter

First, you have to have the password, which you can only get (if you're among the 'chosen') by visiting Boutique du Vampyre, a few blocks away. Use that phrase for entrance to a lush, sensual, dimly lit bar with plush sofas, a great bartender, and all the black and red a vampire could want. Pure speakeasy fun at its finest.

The cocktails, called 'potions' here, are delicious, with names that Edgar Allan Poe would certainly approve of – 'The Black Cat,' the 'Blood Drop Martini' – and fun spell- or vampire-themed descriptions, such as 'good for shape-shifting' or 'feeds your nocturnal hunger.'

There's a balcony for watching the street's insanity, but best is just chatting with the bartender, a local for decades, who has seen just about everything New Orleans has to offer and a whole lot more. The $10 cover charge isn't for everyone, and it's certainly not a local dive or watering hole, but it's a delightfully unique place to have some excellent cocktails.