Old Absinthe House

Bar in French Quarter

The Old Absinthe House, a casual spot where 1940s football helmets hang from the ceiling, is also one of the bars that served absinthe before the liquor was outlawed in 1914. Absinthe's legal again, and you can have it the traditional way: with water dripped over a sugar cube. When the sugar vanishes, the 'Green Fairy' is ready. Cheers!

Absinthe is not the tastiest of liquors, despite its literary appeal. The mysterious beverage had a psychotropic allure and allegedly drove enthusiasts mad (think bohemian writers, artists, and poets in turn-of-the-century Paris). Scientific testing has shown the wormwood content to be too low to have any effects on the mind, so the cause for the 'insanity' was good old alcohol. At 100 or 120 proof, it's a toxic tipple, so go easy, especially if you plan on heading back out to Bourbon St for more fun and games.