There are loads of neighborhood restaurants out this way that serve excellent New Orleans cuisine (and increasingly, food from further afield). Local restaurants charge local prices; you can eat a lot cheaper here than in the Quarter or CBD.

The Popularity of Popeyes

Ask a New Orleanian where the best fried chicken in town is and they’ll probably tell you to try Willie Mae’s or Fiorella’s. Now ask them where they eat fried chicken and they’ll very likely reply, ‘Popeyes.’ Seriously.

Though fried chicken is not as popular here as in the rest of the South, folks still take their fried bird seriously, which is why we find it all the more amusing that so many locals swear by a chain restaurant that markets a caricature of the city outside of its limits.

But hey – we trust any New Orleanian’s take on food. The Popeyes ( here are pretty good (folks say the food tastes better than in other states and, to be honest, it just might). We’ll never tell you to pass up a local business in favor of Popeyes, but if there’s nothing else around…well, just sayin’. There are numerous locations around town.