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Top Choice Museum in CBD & Warehouse District

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

The South has one of the most distinctive aesthetic cultures in the US artistic universe, a creative vision indelibly influenced by the region's complicated history and deep links to the land. Few museums explore th…
Zoo in CBD & Warehouse District


We'll be honest: if you're not a fan of bugs and creepy-crawlies, you may be happier elsewhere, because at this lively museum, you'll do more than stare at insects: you'll listen to them, touch them and, if you dare…
Aquarium in CBD & Warehouse District

Aquarium of the Americas

The immense Aquarium of the Americas is loosely regional, with exhibits delving beneath the surface of the Mississippi River, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and far-off Amazon rain forest. The impressive Great Maya R…
Museum in CBD & Warehouse District

National WWII Museum

This extensive museum presents a fairly thorough analysis of the largest war in history. The exhibits, which are displayed across multiple grand pavilions, are enormous and immersive. The experience is designed to b…
Museum in CBD & Warehouse District

Louisiana Children's Museum

This educational museum is like a high-tech kindergarten where the wee ones can play in interactive bliss till nap time. Lots of corporate sponsorship equals lots of hands-on exhibits. The Little Port of New Orleans…
Arts Center in CBD & Warehouse District

Contemporary Arts Center

From the outside, the CAC is pretty unassuming. But once inside, with the grand modernist entrance, an airy, spacious vault with soaring ceilings and conceptual metal and wooden accents, it's impressive. The best re…
Gallery in CBD & Warehouse District

Arthur Roger Gallery

One of the most prominent galleries on Julia St, Arthur Roger represents several dozen artists from around the South. This spot hosts frequent gallery nights, exhibition openings and a slate of other events where wi…
Gallery in CBD & Warehouse District

LeMieux Galleries

Gulf Coast art is the emphasis in nationally recognized LeMieux Galleries, a good place to get a handle on the breadth of the regional arts scene.
Museum in CBD & Warehouse District

Confederate Memorial Hall Museum

Tattered gray uniforms, rebel swords and faded diaries – this collection of Civil War memorabilia pays homage to the Confederacy and locals who fought for that cause. The museum used to be a center of Confederate ap…
Historic Building in CBD & Warehouse District

Gallier Hall

Architect James Gallier Sr designed this Greek-Revival structure, dedicated in 1853. It served as New Orleans’ city hall until the 1950s and far outclasses the city’s current one (a few blocks away). Today the build…