Top things to do in New Harmony

Architecture in New Harmony


This funky, angular building is the town's information center and a good place to learn about New Harmony's peculiar history. Ask about the free, DIY cell-phone walking tours for architecture and public art. Guided …
Gardens in New Harmony

Harmonist Labyrinth

The ethereal hedge maze symbolizes life's difficult path. It's a place for meditation and reflection as you work your way toward the center. This labyrinth is a 1939 recreation of the Harmonists' original design fro…
Church in New Harmony

Roofless Church

Prominent architect Philip Johnson designed this non-denominational church, which is basically an open park surrounded by a brick wall. It looks sort of like a medieval garden. An odd, temple-like dome sits at one e…
State Park in New Harmony

Harmonie State Park

This is a tranquil landscape for hiking and biking. Want to spend the night? Campsites cost $16 to $33, and simple log cabins cost $75 to $95.
Cafe in New Harmony

Main Cafe

This is a decent spot for a ham-bean-and-cornbread lunch, but the pies are the main reason to come. Coconut cream takes the prize. Cash only.