Burgers in New Bedford

DNB Burgers

Here's the requisite gourmet burger place, serving beef from grass-fed cows and topped with all manner of interesting ingredients. But DNB isn't just about the burgers; it's also about the sides, such as addictive h…
Seafood in New Bedford

Quahog Republic Whaler's Tavern

You're in Whaling City; why not grab lunch at this friendly whaler's tavern, where you can feast on a well-stocked raw bar, yummy cod cakes or 'monsta lobsta rolls'? To complement the food (or not), there are a doze…
Pizza in New Bedford

Brick Pizzeria

There are two kinds of Neapolitan pizza on the menu at Brick: red and white. Take your pick and top the thin, chewy crust with high-quality, super-fresh ingredients like wood-fired wild mushrooms, roasted garlic and…