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Discover historic Denver, Red Rocks, Evergreen Lake and mining towns.

Let's explore Denver and the scenic beauty of the Red Rocks Park along with several mining towns. Imagine that Denver was once not long ago full of Cowboys and Indians who roamed the mud filled streets of Denver. Now market street and Larimer Square (the area where Denver was founded) is now several blocks of swanky restaurants and boutique stores. Leaving Denver we ascend to over 6400 feet when we visit the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. In the park there are miles of hiking trails that are intertwined with cinnamon-hued sandstone cliffs. The redish sandstone cliffs and amphitheater offer incredible views of downtown Denver. Rolling Stones had previously ranked Red Rocks Amphitheater the best musical venue in the United States.Onward, we will go up through several beautiful canyons past Evergreen and then upto Idaho Springs. From Idaho Springs we ascend to the old mining towns of Central City which once claimed to have the richest square mile in the world. Then back to Denver.
7 hours