Nenana attractions

Museum in Nenana

Alaska Railroad Museum

This little museum was a railroad depot back in the day, and displays railroad memorabilia and local artifacts ranging from ice tongs to animal traps. You can rent a room here, too (why not?), for $99 to $129; the r…
Cultural Center in Nenana

Alfred Starr Nenana Cultural Center

This riverfront center informs visitors about local culture and history, and includes exhibits on the old riverboat trade and frontier days, plus a small but excellent collection of Athabascan artifacts and costumes…
Church in Nenana

St Mark’s Episcopal Church

Within sight of the train station, this handsome church dates from 1905. The interior has a few lovely handcrafted features, including an altar with traditional Athabascan beadwork.
Monument in Nenana

Taku Chief

The Taku Chief river tug once pushed barges along the Tanana River and now spruces up the grounds outside the visitor center.