Beach in Narragansett & Point Judith

Scarborough State Beach

Scarborough (sometimes written as 'Scarboro') is considered by many to be the best in the state. A massive, castle-like pavilion, generous boardwalks, a wide and long beachfront, on-duty lifeguards and great, predic…
Beach in Narragansett & Point Judith

Roger W Wheeler State Beach

Locally known as Sand Hill Cove, the Roger W Wheeler State Beach, just south of Galilee, is the spot for families with small children. Not only does it have a playground and other facilities, it also has an extremel…
Beach in Narragansett & Point Judith

Narragansett Town Beach

This mile-long stretch of beach tends to be crowded because it's an easy walk from Narragansett Pier. It's popular with surfers thanks to its soft curling waves, and is serviced by two pavilions, changing rooms and …