Napili restaurants

Top Choice Cafe in Napili


Locals aren’t kidding when they advise you to get to the Gazebo early to beat the crowds. But a 7:10am arrival is worth it for this beloved open-air restaurant – a gazebo on the beach – with a gorgeous waterfront se…
Hawaiian in Napili

Sea House Restaurant

Pssst, want a $9 meal framed by a million-dollar view? Sidle up to the bar at this tiki-lit favorite, order a bowl of the smoky seafood chowder then watch as the perfectly framed sun drops below the horizon in front…
Mexican in Napili

Maui Tacos

The burritos are huge at Maui Tacos, where the Mexican fare is island-style healthy. The salsas and beans are prepared fresh daily, trans-fat-free oil replaces lard, and fresh veggies and local fish feature on the m…