Top Choice Californian in Mt Shasta City

Trinity Café

Trinity Café has long rivaled the Bay Area’s best. The owners, who hail from Napa, infuse the bistro with a wine country feel and an extensive, excellent wine selection. The organic menu ranges from delectable, perf…
Top Choice European in Dunsmuir

Café Maddalena

Simple and elegant, this cafe put Dunsmuir on the foodie map. The menu was designed by chef Bret LaMott (of Trinity Cafe fame) and changes weekly to feature dishes from southern Europe and northern Africa. Some high…
Top Choice Pub Food in Dunsmuir

Dunsmuir Brewery Works

It’s hard to describe this little microbrew pub without veering into hyperbole. Start with the beer: the crisp ales and porter are perfectly balanced and the IPA is apparently pretty good too, because patrons are al…
Thai in Dunsmuir


This funky joint serves up sizzling Thai, Lao and Vietnamese food and books first-rate jazz, reggae, salsa or blues most nights. Many dishes are simply heaping bowls of noodles, though the meat dishes – flavored wit…
Steak in Redding

Jack’s Grill

This funky little old-time place doesn’t look so inviting – the windows are blacked out and it’s dark as a crypt inside – but the popularity with locals starts with its stubborn ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it ethos and en…
Californian in Redding


This hip and homey, split-level cafe serves up healthy food – big fresh salads, garlicky prawns and pasta and homemade tomato soup. There’s a good selection of beer and wine, too. Friday nights get a little rowdy, a…
Bakery in Mt Shasta City

Mount Shasta Pastry

Walk in hungry and you’ll be plagued with an existential breakfast crisis: the feta spinach quiche or the Tuscan scramble? The flaky croissants or a divine apricot turnover? It also serves terrific sandwiches, gourm…
Pub Food in Weed & Stewart Mineral Springs

Mt Shasta Brewing Company Alehouse & Bistro

Try a tasty Shastafarian Porter or the rich, amber-colored Mountain High IPA. Brats, flatbread pizzas and grilled panini round out the brewpub menu, the kitchen closes an hour before the pub.
Sandwiches in Redding

Grilla Bites

It doesn’t get much simpler than this menu of grilled sandwiches and pay-by-the-pound salad bar, but the food is fresh, locally sourced and the sandwiches are punched up with fresh herbs and global fusions. The Thai…
Mexican in Mt Shasta City

Poncho & Lefkowitz

Surrounded by picnic tables, this classy, wood-sided food cart – sort of a cafe on wheels – turns out juicy Polish sausage, big plates of nachos and veggie burritos. It’s a good bet for food on the go.