Morro Bay attractions

Landmark in Morro Bay

Morro Rock

Chumash tribespeople are the only people legally allowed to climb this volcanic rock, now the protected nesting ground of peregrine falcons. You can laze at the small beach on the rock’s north side, but you can’t dr…
Museum in Morro Bay

Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

With exhibits, posters and more than 200 skateboards from the 1930s to the 21st century, this excellent privately operated museum is essential for anyone who's ever fallen under the spell of zipping along on four ur…
State Park in Morro Bay

Morro Bay State Park

This woodsy waterfront park is strewn with hillside hiking trails. A small natural history museum has interactive exhibits geared toward kids that demonstrate how the forces of nature affect us all. North of the mus…