Moloka'i restaurants

Top Choice Hawaiian in Pukoʻo

Manaʻe Goods & Grindz

Even if it wasn't your only option, you'd still want to stop here. The plate lunches are something of a local legend: tender yet crispy chicken katsu (deep-fried fillets), specials such as pork stew, and standards s…
Top Choice Hawaiian in Kualapuʻu

Kualapuʻu Cookhouse

This old roadhouse serves good lunches and is the only place for a meal west of Kaunakakai. Breakfasts feature huge omelets while plate-lunch options include excellent pork tonkatsu (breaded and fried cutlets). The …
Top Choice Cafe in Kaunakakai

Maka’s Korner

A dead-simple corner location belies the fine yet basic fare here. Molokaʻi's best burgers come with excellent fries, although many patrons are simply addicted to the mahimahi (white-fleshed fish also called ‘dolphi…
Seafood in Kaunakakai

Ono Fish N' Shrimp

The best addition to the local food scene in a while, this gleaming white food truck offers up seafood tacos and shrimp plates. The preparations are creative and the fish über-fresh. End you meal with fresh mini-don…
Burgers in Kaunakakai

Molokaʻi Burger

Moloka‘i's only drive-through restaurant is a slick operation. The burgers come in many forms but are all thick and juicy. (Try a ramen burger, which is sandwiched between squares of fried noodles.) The dining room …
Bakery in Kaunakakai

Kanemitsu Bakery

Known for its Molokaʻi sweet bread and crackers (the macadamia-nut ones are extraordinary). Otherwise, you'll be surprised such good fresh-baked stuff can come from such a low place. Note: the best stuff is usually …
Sweets in Kaunakakai

Kamo‘i Snack-N-Go

This candy store is loaded with sweets and, more importantly, Honolulu-made Dave's Hawaiian Ice Cream. The banana fudge is truly a treat. Ube (purple yam) flavor is subtle and the ice cream is a beautiful purple col…
Supermarket in Kaunakakai

Friendly Market

The best selection of any supermarket on the island. In the afternoon fresh seafood from the wharf often appears.
Pizza in Kaunakakai

Molokaʻi Pizza Cafe

Order at the counter or have a seat in the starkly lit dining area at this pizza joint offering everything from salad and sub sandwiches to burgers and pasta. Lazy cooks can get their pizza half-baked (it's neither …
Market in Kaunakakai

Molokaʻi Wines & Spirits

Has many Hawaii and mainland microbrews plus inexpensive wines, upscale cheeses and deli items. This is the place to get all you need for silly tropical drinks. Fire up the blender!