Top things to do in Mokuleʻia to Kaʻena Point

Airfield in Mokuleʻia to Kaʻena Point

Dillingham Airfield

Operated by the Hawaii Department of Transportation under a 25-year lease from the US Army, Dillingham Airfield is mainly used for general aviation, gliding and skydiving operations. The runway was paved to 9000ft (…
Beach in Mokuleʻia to Kaʻena Point

Mokuleʻia Beach Park

The beach itself is a nice sandy stretch, but the rocky seabed makes for poor swimming. When waters are calm and flat in summer, snorkelers swim out along the shallow reef. Keen windsurfers and kitesurfers often con…
Beach in Mokuleʻia to Kaʻena Point

Army Beach

Opposite the western end of Dillingham Airfield, this is the widest stretch of sand on the Mokuleʻia shore, although it’s not maintained and there are no facilities. The beach also has very strong rip currents, espe…