Books in Oxford

Square Books

Square Books, one of the South's great independent bookstores, is the epicenter of Oxford's lively literary scene and a frequent stop for traveling authors. There's a café and balcony upstairs, along with an immense…
in Natchez

Uptown Market

You can pick up something healthier or more high-falutin' at the Uptown Market, where you can buy a salad, sparkling water, prosciutto, or build-your-own sandwich.
Arts & Crafts in Clarksdale

Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art

Friendly St Louis carpetbagger and author, Roger Stolle runs a colorful, all-purpose, blues emporium. The shelves are jammed with books, face jugs, local art and blues records. Stolle seems to be connected to everyo…
Arts in Oxford

Southside Gallery

The best of Oxford's downtown art galleries puts an emphasis on local, young, up-and-coming artists who create modern works from abstract to realist; from big format to smaller than seems reasonable.
Books in Oxford

Off Square Books

Off Square trades in used books.