Middlebury restaurants

Top Choice Pizza in Middlebury

American Flatbread

In a cavernous marble-block building with a bustling bar and blazing fire that keeps things cozy in winter, this is one of Middlebury's most beloved eateries. The menu revolves around farm-fresh salads and custom-ma…
Bakery in Middlebury

Middlebury Bagel & Deli

Since 1979, the Rubright family has been showing up at 4am daily to bake some of New England's finest doughnuts and bagels. Skiers on their way to the slopes, workers en route to the job site and professors headed f…
Bakery in Middlebury

Otter Creek Bakery

This bakery with outdoor seating is popular for takeout pastries, strong coffee and creative sandwiches. Traveling with a pooch? It'll lick your face if you buy it a Twisted Puppy Biscuit.
Burgers in Middlebury

A&W Drive-in

For a slice of retro Americana, stop at Middlebury's A&W Drive-In. Among the few remaining New England branches of this century-old national chain, it's the only one where carhops on roller skates still deliver …