Miami, and the USA generally, has a high level of hygiene, so infectious diseases are not generally a significant concern for most travelers. The main concerns for travelers are sunburn and mosquito bites. Ensure you have adequate health insurance in case of accidents.

Checking insurance quotes…

Before You Go

Health Insurance

The United States offers possibly the finest level of health care in the world. The problem is that it can be prohibitively expensive. It’s essential to purchase travel-health insurance if your policy doesn’t cover you when you’re abroad.

If your health insurance does not cover you for medical expenses abroad, consider obtaining supplemental health or travel insurance. Find out in advance whether your insurance plan will make payments directly to the providers or if it will reimburse you later for any overseas health expenditures.

We have to stress: a simple visit to the doctor's office can cost hundreds of dollars, and a hospital stay will cost thousands if you aren't covered by insurance.

Recommended Vaccinations

There are no required vaccinations for visiting Miami.

In Miami

Tap Water

Tap water is safe to drink in Miami.

Infectious Diseases

Zika Miami made the news in 2016 for having an outbreak of this mosquito-born illness. There were over 260 locally acquired cases in South Florida. Although the disease was considered eradicated in Miami in early 2017, epidemiologists warn that Zika could rebound with the arrival of warmer temperatures and heavier rainfall.

Zika is of gravest concern to pregnant women, as the disease can cause microcephaly (when the brain does not develop fully) and lead to serious birth defects in unborn children.

HIV/AIDS As do all sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection occurs in the US. Use a condom for all sexual encounters.

Hazardous Marine Life

Jellyfish and stingrays Florida beaches can see both; avoid swimming when they’re present (lifeguards often post warnings – the purple flag indicates the presence of venomous marine life). Treat stings immediately; they hurt but aren’t dangerous.

Medical Services

Coral Gables Hospital A community-based facility with many bilingual doctors.

CVS Pharmacy This chain has many 24-hour pharmacies, including one in South Beach.

Miami Beach Community Health Center Walk-in clinic with long lines.

Mount Sinai Medical Center The area’s best emergency room. Be aware that you must eventually pay, and fees are high.