• Lincoln Road The best pedestrianized shopping strip in Greater Miami.
  • Sunset Clothing Co A favorite local haunt for new fashion inspirations.
  • Art by God Time travel to dinosaur days in this sprawling bone and pelt shop.
  • Nomad Tribe Stylish sustainably sourced apparel, with two locations.
  • Shinola Beautifully crafted watches and accessories.
  • Marky's A marvelous spot to assemble an exotic picnic.



  • Supply & Advise Downtown shop with ruggedly elegant menswear.
  • Bloom An essential boutique when strolling the Miracle Mile.
  • C Madeleine’s It's worth the trek up to one of Miami's best vintage stores.
  • Havaianas Essential beachwear while in Miami.
  • Alchemist Pricey apparel, but fun to browse.
  • Give Good Works Treasure-trash waiting to be unearthed in Wynwood.

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