Top things to do in Methow Valley

Top Choice Bakery in Twisp

Cinnamon Twisp

Folks from all around the valley drive however far they have to for this homey place's fresh-baked breads, terrific sandwiches, smoothies, coffee and pastries, including the signature 'cinnamon twisp,' an uber cinna…
Pub Food in Winthrop & Around

Old Schoolhouse Brewing

Carb-load on beer in this unusual pub that occupies a former little red schoolhouse on the main street. You can choose from an impressive range of homebrewed ales; aficionados opt for the light-bodied Black Canyon P…
Fusion in Winthrop & Around

Arrowleaf Bistro

Winthrop's poshest restaurant, with its starched white tablecloths and polished wine glasses, is a notable departure from the saloon-bar staples elsewhere. But the Arrowleaf works hard to justify its price tag with …
Market in Mazama

Mazama Store

Walk in from the boondocks and arrive amid the busy scene of an organic market and deli. Everything's pretty pricey, but after you've spent a day in the woods, it's got the right stuff to fill your belly.
Market in Twisp

Glover Street Market

Stop in for organic groceries, hearty breakfasts, healthy meals such as a quinoa bowl with spinach, roasted veg, tahini and avocado – as well as the best fresh-made juices this side of Seattle.
Museum in Winthrop & Around

North Cascade Smokejumper Base

Smokejumping is a method of fire-fighting that involves parachuting out of a plane into a rural area to tackle a forest fire before it gets out of control. It's hard to avoid feeling humbled by the heroic exploits o…
Pizza in Winthrop & Around

East 20 Pizza

Who'd expect such fine, authentic pizzas way out here? After a day in the mountains you can't get much better than these thin-crusted, well-topped (everything from pepperoni to curried cashews and portabello mushroo…
Cafe in Winthrop & Around


This delightful alfresco cafe and ice-cream parlor adjacent to Sheri's Sweet Shoppe is the best place to snatch an espresso and a hot, sticky cinnamon bun. In keeping with the surroundings, the bar stools are made o…
Museum in Winthrop & Around

Shafer Museum

It's hard to differentiate the reconstructed buildings in the museum from the rest of Winthrop, such is the town's eerie authenticity. However, the museum does retain one original construction: a log cabin known as …
Mexican in Winthrop & Around

Duck Brand Cantina

No standard Mexican restaurant, the 'Duck' nonetheless serves quesadillas, enchiladas and tacos that could roast the socks off any authentic Monterey diner. The Wild West saloon-style cantina also churns out a mean …