Top things to do in McCloud

Top Choice Dance in McCloud

McCloud Dance Country

Dust it up on the 5000-sq-ft maple dance floor in the 1906 Broadway Ballroom. Square dancing, round dancing, ballroom dancing – they do it all. Multiday packages include lessons and evening dances. It’s a worthwhile…
Historic Building in McCloud

McCloud Mercantile

The huge McCloud Mercantile anchors the downtown. There’s a hotel upstairs and it hosts a couple of restaurants that warrant a longer stay, but those just passing through can get a bag of licorice at the old-world c…
American in McCloud

White Mountain Cafe

In the window-lined corner of the Mercantile, this old-fashioned yet classy diner serves classic American breakfasts, hot or cold sandwiches, burgers and shakes. The ‘Not the Dolly Varden’ is an excellent vegetarian…
Brewery in McCloud

Siskiyou Brew Works

In a not-obvious spot in the McCloud Dairy Barn just off Hwy 89, this rustic little spot churns out the town's first craft beers and decent, heavily topped pizzas. Get a beer sampler to find your favorite.
Museum in McCloud

Historical Museum

The tiny historical museum sits opposite the McCloud Chamber of Commerce and could use a bit of organization – it has the feel of a cluttered, messy thrift store – but tucked in the nooks and crannies are plenty of …