Top Choice Tex-Mex in McCarthy

Roadside Potatohead

Don't leave without popping into this food shack, where the signature burritos share a menu with overstuffed cheese steaks and delicious hummus wraps. The coffee ain't half bad either. Decor is Potatohead toys and d…
American in McCarthy

McCarthy Bistro

One of the more pleasant absurdities of McCarthy is the way you can enjoy expertly prepared gourmet food in what, superficially, looks like Tombstone circa 1881. Wild-caught salmon, elk medallions, and a wine list t…
Breakfast in McCarthy

Golden Saloon

Connected to McCarthy Lodge, this is the area’s only true bar, with a good beer selection, pool, frequent live music and an always-intriguing cast of drinkers and beards. Food-wise, there’s a menu of first-rate bar …