Must-see nightlife in Western Maryland

  • Flying Dog Brewery

    Western Maryland

    Oh Flying Dog, we'll forgive your vaguely misogynistic beer names – Raging Bitch, Pearl Necklace – because your brews are so darn good and your staff is…

  • Hooch & Banter

    Western Maryland

    During the winter holidays you might see Santa popping in to spread good cheer at this dapper newcomer where the cocktails are seasonal and the bourbon…

  • Cafe Nola

    Western Maryland

    This big-windowed cafe wears a number of different hats – coffee shop, breakfast joint, sandwich bistro, cocktail bar, late-night eatery. But the…

  • Trader's Coffee House

    Western Maryland

    Take your pick of four self-serve coffees and a host of specialty coffees at this spot on US 219. A good stop for either a quick in-and-out or a bit of…

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