Birthplace of

President James K Polk (1795–1849), evangelist Billy Graham (1918–2018), jazzman John Coltrane (1926–67), soul singer Nina Simone (1933–2003), NASCAR driver Richard Petty (b 1937), singer Tori Amos (b 1963)



Driving Distances

Asheville to Raleigh 247 miles, Raleigh to Wilmington 131 miles

Famous for

The Andy Griffith Show, first airplane flight, college basketball

Home of

America's first state university, Camel cigarettes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts


Tar Heel State

Pet Name

Natives are known as 'tar heels,' a nickname of uncertain origin that’s said to refer to their pine-tar production and legendary stubbornness


Conservative in rural areas, increasingly liberal in urban regions

Sales Tax

4.75% plus municipal taxes, plus an additional hotel-occupancy tax of up to 8%