Makapuʻu Point attractions

Beach in Makapuʻu Point

Makapuʻu Beach Park

Opposite Sea Life Park, Makapuʻu Beach is one of Oʻahu’s top winter bodyboarding and bodysurfing spots, with waves reaching 12ft and higher. It also has the island’s best shorebreak. As with Sandy Beach Park, Makapu…
Lighthouse in Makapuʻu Point

Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse

Makapuʻu Point and its coastal lighthouse mark the easternmost point of Oʻahu. Rather stumpy, the lighthouse dates to 1909 and is 66ft above the water.
Aquarium in Makapuʻu Point

Sea Life Park

Hawaii’s only marine-life park offers a small mixed bag of rundown attractions. The theme-park entertainment features animals that aren’t found in Hawaiian waters, though it also maintains a breeding colony of green…