Must-see attractions in North Maine Woods

  • Two moose in a northern New England Pond

    Baxter State Park

    North Maine Woods

    One of Maine's most stunning protected areas, Baxter State Park is a verdant wilderness encompassing nearly 210,000 acres. Some 215 miles of trails draw…

  • Bigelow Preserve

    North Maine Woods

    Around eight miles northwest of the Sugarloaf alpine resort, this 35,000-acre preserve is a wonderful setting for reconnecting with nature. The densely…

  • Lily Bay State Park

    North Maine Woods

    At this lovely, 925-acre park you can relax on the sandy beach, bird-watch and stroll the 2-mile shoreline trail. The park is a good base for other area…

  • Moosehead Marine Museum

    North Maine Woods

    Moosehead Lake’s colorful history is preserved in the Moosehead Marine Museum, next to the dock that shelters the SS Katahdin. The museum also operates…

  • Katahdin Iron Works

    North Maine Woods

    A reminder of a time when blast furnaces and charcoal kilns smelted iron all day, these iron works were built in 1843 and used for about 30 years…