Maine provides an array of accommodations, though truly inexpensive options are rare. Reservations are recommended, especially in high season.

  • B&Bs Atmospheric familial guesthouses that are often set in historic buildings, and vary from midrange to luxurious.
  • Hotels Found in bigger towns, hotels include run-of-the-mill chains, historic properties and stylish boutique hotels.
  • Motels Cheap, roadside options, often perfectly adequate for an overnight stay.
  • Campgrounds The most basic state and national park campgrounds have toilets and sinks, but no showers. Some private campgrounds offer hot showers and wi-fi.
  • Hostels There are only a few in Maine, but they're great value for budget travelers.


Maine travel is highly seasonal. Most coastal towns slumber from fall to spring, then explode with action in summer. As a result, rates for low-season hotel rooms can be as little as a third of summertime prices. The same principle holds for the mountain towns, only in reverse – fall and winter are high season. Portland, being the state's major city, doesn't have nearly as much price flux.