Visit Maine ( The state's official tourism website, with loads of tips on places to go and itinerary planning.

Acadia National Park ( Lots of insight into the national park, including upcoming event listings.

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Top Tips

  • Rent a car. You can visit some towns along the southern coast by public transportation, but you’ll need your own wheels to explore the region’s rural areas.
  • Consider non-peak travel times. Peak foliage season also means peak crowds and peak prices. Note that in Down East and some other parts of the coast, things close up from late October to about April.
  • Elsewhere, you can travel during the low season for lower-priced lodgings and less-crowded attractions.
  • Beware of the unpredictable weather. Rain is always a possibility, and it's wise to bring a rain jacket and/or umbrella, along with a fleece for those chilly nights (which are a possibility even in summer).

What to Take

  • Sunblock
  • Insect repellent
  • Walking shoes for cities, hiking boots for mountains, sandals for the beach
  • At least one layer of clothing that's warmer than what you think you'll need
  • Umbrella or rain gear
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable shopping bag

What to Wear

Maine residents are pretty casual about their fashion choices. Dress for comfort, especially as you are likely to be doing plenty of walking. The exception is in cities such as Portland and at fancier resort spots (Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor), where you'll want to dress up for dinner at a nice restaurant or a night at the theater. Leave your sneakers and sports gear in your suitcase and opt for 'dressy casual' outfits.

For outdoor activities, make sure you have good boots (preferably waterproof) for hiking up mountains and through boulder-strewn forests. You'll also want a waterproof, windproof jacket, and lightweight breathable fabrics.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Make sure your passport is valid and your ESTA is sorted if you're coming from overseas
  • Check the airline baggage restrictions
  • Arrange for appropriate travel insurance
  • Get tickets for concerts and other big events
  • Make dinner reservations, especially for Friday and Saturday nights
  • Find out what events are underway while you're in Maine, and make your itinerary