Top things to do

Top Choice Racetrack in Louisville

Churchill Downs

On the first Saturday in May, a who's who of upper-crust America puts on their seersucker suits and most flamboyant hats and descends for the 'greatest two minutes in sports': the Kentucky Derby, the longest-running…
Top Choice Modern American in Louisville


A beautiful space with a cork-and-wood floor, fountain-strewn patio and gorgeous Laguiole cutlery opened by a chef from San Francisco (albeit a Southerner by birth). Kentuckians were skeptical, but Annie Pettry wooe…
Top Choice Antiques in Louisville

Joe Ley Antiques

Go down the rabbit hole into this massive, three-story brick-and-stained glass antique emporium crammed with collectibles from eight decades. Think homely dolls, freaky furniture and chunky jewelry - and everything …
Top Choice Mexican in Louisville

Mayan Cafe

Check your visions of piñatas and mariachis at the door – Chef Bruce Ucán's subtle farm-to-table Mexican mainstay is a journey about flavor, not patriotic pomp and circumstance. Impossibly-fresh, sustainably-produce…
Seafood in Louisville

Lilly's Bistro

Chef Kathy Cary creates 'Kentucky tapas' (think catfish spring rolls, chorizo spoonbread) at this eclectic upscale eatery, a longtime Bardstown Rd favorite. The three-course lunch menu ($15) is a steal.
Museum in Louisville

Kentucky Derby Museum

On the racetrack grounds, the museum has exhibits on derby history, including a peek into the life of jockeys and a roundup of the most illustrious horses. Highlights include a 360-degree HD film about the race, the…
Museum in Louisville

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Look for the 120ft baseball bat leaning against the museum. Hillerich & Bradsby Co have been making the famous Louisville Slugger here since 1884. Admission includes a plant tour and a hall of baseball memorabil…
Museum in Louisville

Frazier History Museum

Surprisingly ambitious for a midsized city, this state-of-the-art museum covers 1000 years of history with grisly battle dioramas and costumed interpreters demonstrating swordplay and staging mock debates.
Museum in Louisville

Muhammad Ali Center

A love offering to the city from its most famous native, and an absolute must-see. For a black man from the South during his era, to rejoice in his own greatness and beauty was revolutionary and inspiring to behold …
Museum in Louisville

Creation Museum

Fact: nearly half of Americans don't believe in evolution. Hence the popularity of Petersburg, Kentucky's multimillion-dollar Creation Museum, an interactive tour through a biblical interpretation of history. The sc…