Top Choice Landmark in Louisville

Churchill Downs

On the first Saturday in May, a who's who of upper-crust America puts on their seersucker suits and most flamboyant hats and descends for the 'greatest two minutes in sports': the Kentucky Derby, the longest-running…
Museum in Louisville

Kentucky Derby Museum

On the racetrack grounds, the museum has exhibits on derby history, including a peek into the life of jockeys and a roundup of the most illustrious horses. Highlights include a 360-degree HD film about the race, the…
Museum in Louisville

Muhammad Ali Center

A love offering to the city from its most famous native, and an absolute must-see. For a black man from the South during his era, to rejoice in his own greatness and beauty was revolutionary and inspiring to behold …
Museum in Louisville

Speed Art Museum

Built in 1927 and made-over to the tune of $60 million between 2012 and 2016, Kentucky's most important art museum, unaffiliated but on the University of Louisville Campus, is a beautiful juxtaposition of classic an…
Museum in Louisville

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Look for the 120ft baseball bat leaning against the museum. Hillerich & Bradsby Co have been making the famous Louisville Slugger here since 1884. Admission includes a plant tour and a hall of baseball memorabil…
Museum in Louisville

Frazier History Museum

Surprisingly ambitious for a mid-sized city, this state-of-the-art museum covers 1000 years of history with grisly battle dioramas and costumed interpreters demonstrating swordplay and staging mock debates.
Museum in Louisville

Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum

Muhammad Ali's modest childhood home has been fully restored and opened as a museum in 2016. The Clay family resided here from 1947 to 1961 and the two-bedroom, one bath single-story abode – painted pink for Ali's m…
Museum in Louisville

Kentucky Science Center

Three floors of exhibits illuminate biology, physiology, physics, computing and more for families (kids love it) on historic Main St. For an extra $8 to $10 you can catch a film in the IMAX-like theater.